Google Goes to School

Last week, the ACS Foundation organised for two Google Engineers to speak to over 270 girls at Roseville Ladies College.  As part of its School Connections initiative, the ACS Foundation is helping to connect industry and school students and thus boost the number of students choosing to study IT.


Vera Cranston, the Careers Advisor at Roseville Ladies College declared, “Many thanks for organising our 2 young speakers, Jim and Cate from Google to speak to our students to-day – they were FABULOUS and really engaged with the audience.

Within 30 seconds of starting their talk, Jim and Cate had our students screaming with delight – of course offering them rewards was a great idea and got this interactive session really moving with lots of questions – and no powerpoint or slides.

I think they got their message across very well – just to think more broadly about career paths, overcome initial fears and to study what you really like and not to discount computer programming as an option.

It was such a worthwhile session and I’m so pleased to have requested to have all those years out of class and to be present for the talk.

In fact Cate said they were a great audience and she would arrange for a group of 30 students to visit Google to put on a presentation for them – fantastic!”

As the industry wrestles with the challenge of getting more females into the IT industry, it is good to see that some success stories are also out there.